About Us

The Montreal Children Art School offers your child a real studio-based art education. This four year proven curriculum has been developed in the greater area over many years. This award-winning program has gained much recognition for the outstanding art work of its students. Young artists gain a competitive edge, while they develop skills in over 40 areas of art. The Annual Art Show provides a platform whereby your child’s art achievements will be recognized, thus building confidence and self esteem in the young artist.

We are a dynamic creative hub for the visual arts. Our founder and director Team AARV established The Montreal Children Art School in 2008 with a vision to create an art space where students of all ages and abilities can discover their artistic potential in a professional studio environment with practicing artists. The Montreal Children Art School has gained a reputation for providing quality tuition in a nurturing and relaxed environment.

We are a small art school – with a very large aspiration to make art accessible. Art is for everyone. It is not a magic formula, nor an elite practice. At our school, we want to invite anyone who has a yearning to paint, draw, sculpt or make prints to join us. Our teachers not only teach technique but also guide students to discover and develop individual and creative self-expression.

Our children’s program began the following year providing that essential experience we feel all kids need. Gradually our program came to include film nights, exhibitions and pot luck suppers opening the school to all our friends and neighbours – and the rest of Montreal.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their support and our team for their job

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